What is it
A simple tutorial to make a BASE canopy tailpocket.
Why this tutorial ?
2 years ago I bought a PD Proxy BASE canopy, and being used to my Troll and Trango tailpocket I immediatly asked how a tailpocket could be so shitty.
First I modified it to make it better, and at some point when the velcro started to be used I made a new tailpocket like I want it to be.
And what I wanted is to be able to see both parts of the verlcro when I put them together to be sure I would not catch any line.
Also I wanted to have the flaps protected so no line can catch it in the container or during deployment.
Things to do first:
- look how your tailpocket is sewed on the canopy and see if you can do the same
- you need a hot knife to cut the fabric
- I recommend laminated fabric like XPac21 or both sides coated fabric because there are some not folded edges

This tailpocket is made for micrlines or others SU line set.
If you need bigger you will have to scale it.

1. Cut the fabric
Patterns files can be found here:

2. Sewing the velcro on the flaps

3. Bottom and top Part link
I choose a 8cm opening.
Parts have to be sewed together not edge to edge, look closely to the picture.

4. Sewing the the flaps to the bottom

5. Sewing put the velcro on the top part

6. Sewing the flaps cover

7. You're done
I will not show how to sew it on the canopy, it is simple and you ust have to copy what was done.