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My first DIY project published is this GPS logger, click on the picture to get to the page.

My first DIY project published is this GPS logger, click on the picture to get to the page.

Tracking Courses

Testjumping my own gear have forced me to fly imperfect suits until I found the right design. From this experience, I’ve learned what is really important in the body position, and how to get an efficient and stable track. In four days of course, I can share this information with you and correct your tracking position so you get a solid basis and the tools to work on your track and continue your progression in the future.

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Tracking Trips

I love to track in the Dolomites, where probably are the bests tracking jumps in the world. Hiking in these beautiful mountains to reach the exit, and track for 1 minute or more is incredible, but you might not have the time to search for the exits and the lines you can fly there. After jumping a lot there I know them by heart, so book your trip and get ready for the fun !

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I (Antoine Laporte) have always got a passion for technical work, and enjoyed creating my own toys, which is why I had already built and tested my first trackingsuit from a plane long before my first basejump.

Since I started basejumping in 2010, I have built and tested 13 types of trackingsuits, all in different shapes and sizes, as well as 5 wingsuits prototypes. Learning to fly with different suits and modifying them to get the best performances has given me a good understanding of the flying characteristics for every kind of tracking gear.

After 7 years of basejumping and 1000+ jumps, I have decided to share my experience by providing comprehensive tracking course for every level, from the beginner willing to learn safety to the advanced tracker looking for performance.

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