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The EZ is our "small" one piece tracksuit.

Why choosing the EZ suit ?

- the EZ has at least the same power as any 2 pieces tracksuit and is easier to control because of less power down the legs and more power up the chest

- the EZ has a balance of power close to the XXX. There is a big difference between the way of flying a 2 pieces and a one piece. That makes the EZ the best suit to get the experience and the skills for jumping the XXX

- it is faster to get equiped: get into your rig, close the 2 zippers and you are ready to jump!

Our suits are coming with the zippers for your skydive training.

There are no booties. Why ?
- I'm more confident in my shoes than in the booties soles
- if you jumps in summer almost naked with light shoes and in winter with 3 or 4 layers with big mountain shoes the suit will be or too tight or not enough

Cargos Pockets are additional pockets on the side of the torso inside between 2 ribs, it is for people who are carrying a lot of stuff (climbers, alpinists, ...) and need more pockets than the big ass pocket

For special colors mix just ask when you order.