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The BEaSt is our new expert one piece tracksuit.

It has been made for experienced trackers who like high performances (+10% than XXX) and flying fast.

It flies differently from the XXX as it puts you more in steep angle, this is the main caracteristic that makes it not suitable to beginners

Our suits are coming with the zippers for your skydive training.

The BEaSt is by default made with light fabric and weight around 900g for the 175 cm. This fabric is as strong as the other, you just have to care more during packing (put your stash under it for example) and it will last for long.
The normal fabric is available if you prefer.

There is no arm restriction at all, you can put your arms fully up even with stretched legs.

There are no booties. Why ?
- I'm more confident in my shoes than in the booties soles
- if you jumps in summer almost naked with light shoes and in winter with 3 or 4 layers with big mountain shoes the suit will be or too tight or not enough

Cargos Pockets are additional pockets on the side of the torso inside between 2 ribs, it is for people who are carrying a lot of stuff (climbers, alpinists, ...) and need more pockets than the big ass pocket

For special colors mix just ask when you order.